We manufacture Adhesive Limiters for solventless adhesives application, with high performance, to be used in the lamination process with solventless adhesives, specifically supplying the Solventless Flexible Packaging manufacturers market. Protective packaging for human food, animal in general or medical-hospital and stamps to seal glasses with food (such as mayonnaise, baby food, cookies, jellies, jams and others).
Our Solventless Separators are made of 100% VIRGIN PTFE (Teflon®), of highest quality, without any abrasive elements that could damage the chrome surface of the Laminator’s Laminating Cylinders. We manufacture racks for Solventless Separators, of Hard Aluminum. We sell Solventless Calibrating Blades, as thick as the Solventless Adhesives.


We manufacture and hold inventory of Shaftless Jaw System with diameters of Ø 6 "or Ø 3" or other diameters, as required, made from heat hardened and Chemical Nickel-plated carbon-steel or of Hard Aluminum. Manufacture in compliance to the European Standards. We develop 150 mm pitch Shaftless System Extenders. Important to save on cardboard tubing, allowing the use of 330 mm long cardboard tubes in Solventless Laminators with Shaftless System.
We manufacture replacement parts (detachable / inserts) for quick-change bearings, of the following types: SVECOM, GOLDEN FIX, INOZAGAM, MIRAFLEX, PRIMAFLEX, FLEXOPOWER, from drawings or samples. We hold inventory of some of the models.


We manufacture Standard type Adhesive Mixer Head, applicable to any type of Adhesive Dispenser. Manufactured according to technical design of MULTIANGULARI. The Body of Head is made of Hard Aluminum and the other parts are made of Stainless Steel. All Parts are Machined in CNC equipment, ensuring the perfect interchangeability of the parts. Our Mixing Head is considered the best manufactured in Brazil and the most practical for the maintenance and replacement of parts.
We manufacture Shroud Protective Tube, types: SH 1024 and SH 1324. Made of Hard Aluminum.
We reviewed Adhesive Mixing Heads and Adhesive Dispensing Valves of any manufacturer. We provide parts for replacement of Standard type Adhesives Mixing Heads. We Import and sell Statomix Mixing Nozzles, types: ME 10-24T AND ME 13-24T - SWISS PRODUCT. .


We manufacture various types of supplementary accessories or spare parts for flexographic printers, rotogravure printers or other ancillary equipment for the production Flexible Packaging industries, according to drawings, sketches or samples provided.