A Brazilian company that developed and is specialized in the manufacture of limiters for the application of adhesives with high performance, to be used in the lamination process with solventless adhesives.

Although it initially resembles a simple manufacturing device, these components must have a perfect fitting bend, under penalty of adhesive wastage and several other application problems, jeopardizing the final quality of the laminated materials.

MULTIANGULARI faced the challenge and, concerned to meet the needs of the national market, researched, invested, and could develop limiters that, today, according to users, are superseding the quality and price of the similar imported devices.

It is the only Brazilian company specialized in the manufacture of all types of Adhesive Limiters for national and imported SOLVENTLESS LAMINATORS.

These Limiters are made of 100% VIRGIN PTFE (Teflon®), according to a stringent tolerance system, which allows the perfect adaptation and sealing in the process of solventless taping.


The models of SOLVENTLESS LAMINATORS for which MULTIANGULARI has already developed the Solventless Limiters for replacement are of various types, including:

  • NORDMECCANICA (03 versions)
  • UTECO (03 versions)
  • COMEXI (03 versions)
  • ROTOMEC (02 versions)
  • FEVA
  • And OTHERS

The company holds inventory of all items already developed, which allows immediate deliveries to any region in Brazil and South America.

MULTIANGULARI also manufactures markets and resells other components, for replacement, substitution or even modification of parts, for the SOLVENTLESS LAMINATION sector.